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Heather Smith

Heather Smith photo Heather Smith

Heather Smith with a personal message: “I’m 37 years old and married to an amazing husband. We have three wonderful teenage girls. When I started MMA, I was 31 years old and 200 pounds! No previous experience in any other sport. I now walk around at 137 pounds and fight at 130 pounds. I’ve had 7 MMA fights to date and counting.”
“What possesses a girl to pursue MMA? I am by no means a violent person or someone who likes confrontation. I believe that women struggle with a lot of mind games (low self-concept) along with having a lot of things on our plate (job, family, daily responsibilities) that takes up their time, focus, and energy. Women need to be empowered and realize their importance to the world. Through MMA, I have found a part of myself I didn’t know was there. With the help of family, awesome coaches, and the strength of god, I pushed through many obstacles, both physically and mentally. Through blood sweat and tears (no joke) I became the first female fighter in the valley. What does it take? It takes a choice, the choice to better yourself mentally and physically. It starts with a choice. Make that choice today!”